Fire Zone-Interiors-in-Dubai

An old proverb says: “Studying is learning the rules, experience is learning the exceptions.“ FIRE ZONE can rightly be proud that it has succeeded in both the first and the second. Our team consists of only professionals with specialized education who for over 6 years have been creating for you a unique image for comfortable and functional interiors of a wide variety of assignments: from hotel rooms and apartments to large country houses, from the austere offices to the colourful nightlife.

No matter how large is the area, what tasks it serves for or what kind of stylistic solution chosen: we will develop a professional interior design of any complexity, size and purpose. Whatever object we had to deal with, we do our work dead sure, consistently and to the bitter end, until even the most exacting customer will be satisfied with the result.

Our clients receive not only faithfully performed work, and professional advisory support, which enables them to make informed and right decisions in those moments when self-selection is difficult.

What styles of interior design you be able to do best?

This is a question we often hear. The answer can be only one: everything, as we do our work responsibly, we have acquired practice and experience are dictated by demand. Therefore, we chose to provide you with information about exactly what styles we often have to encounter in their work.

  • Most often we do:
  • 50% modern styles;
  • 25% alternative classic;
  • 15% provincial Europe;
  • 10% academic classics.

In view of the existing diversity of styles we've had is rather conventional to combine the most popular of them in a rather artificial group (the division that hardly would have approved of the critics to the very essence of the diagrams could be more clear:

  • modern styles: modern, hi-tech, minimalism, etc.;
  • academic classics: Baroque, Rococo, Empire, Gothic, etc.;
  • alternative classics: “light” classics, American classic, art Deco (art Deco, English style) etc.;
  • provincial Europe: Provence, Mediterranean style, Tuscan style, etc.
  • style) etc.;


What is meant by these names styles, read the article "What are the styles of interior."

Our Sucessfull Projects:

  • Ms. Nayan Hours in Sharjah
  • Private Banglow at Ras Ali Khimah
  • Saj & Co. JLT
  • Resorts in Abu Dhabi