The tendency is to shrug off a request to buy a cover at the office of a rental car company in Dubai. It is understandable because some companies’ rates are way above the market prices. After a tiresome flight, you may want to just pick your vehicle and drive off.

However, there is a need to consider whether your current cover is enough. Some providers such as are generous enough to cover car hire services. Others might not include the charges of such services. Woe unto you if you had declined the insurance and you want to make a claim. Here are factors you should consider helping you determine whether you need the policy.

Insurance with Your Rental Car

Terms of Your Credit Card Indemnity

The primary providers like MasterCard, Visa and Discover offer secondary insurance. This means they cater for the cost of damage over and above what your regular policy provides. However, not everyone is covered by these policies. Therefore, you should understand the scope of your cover. Some offer coverage even to the loss of use. Compare different providers and determine which suites you.

Does Your Car Insurance Policy Cover You?

Your policy should cover for you comprehensively and cater for collision as well. Comprehensive coverage means your policy can cover for theft, fire, or vandalism. It is not very common but is necessary for vehicle hiring because you don’t want to pay for a car in case of damage. Your policy should also give adequate liability coverage. That means it can cover for damage caused to a third party in a crash.

The Scope of Your Health Policy

You should have a comprehensive health cover to opt-out of the personal accident cover. The policy caters for medical bills as a result of an injury when using the rental car. You should also ensure any other person on board is also fully covered. You may consider rental vehicle proposal if any individual who will be in the car does not have full coverage.

What Does the Car Rental Offer

Homeowners Indemnity

In case you will be using the vehicle for more than a day, you will park it at your premises. Your insurance policy should cover your property. That means the car is covered when within your premises. The policy covers even for theft within your home. Understand the scope of personal coverage and your valuables. You may consider also a cover if you have expensive jewelry.

What Does the Car Rental Offer?

It is important to compare what you are being offered at the counter with what you have. There might be a slight difference that makes it worth to take the cover. Also, consider the rates being offered and determine whether they are worth the risk. If the rates are considerable and cater to risk outside your scope of coverage, you can consider buying the policy.