China attracts millions of visitors from all over the world due to its rich culture and history. Recently, the tourists' exchange between China and Dubai has also increased significantly. Specialists say the travelling experiences between the coastal city of UAE and one of the world largest economies are going to be way better than before in the coming years.

If you have planned to fly to China, there are certain things you must take care of before applying for the Tourist Visa from Dubai.

Basic Details about China

You have heard about the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square but you are not very sure about what you’re signing up for. To get familiar with the destinations and to stay safe, you need to understand the geographical characteristics of China.

China is located in East Asia; west of the Pacific Ocean. A plane has to cover 3112 miles to reach from Dubai to China. The time zone differences between the two countries are also important to consider before travelling. Basically, China is spread across five times zones but the China Standard Time is 4 hours ahead of UAE Standard Time.

Best Time to Tour in China

Best time to tour in ChinaAs China is located in East Asia, it has entirely different climate trends than Dubai. Being located at the Persian Gulf coast, Dubai has dry and hot weather throughout the year. However, there are 4 seasons in China; Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall. You can visit according to your desired experience.

If you want to enjoy the Golden Festival of China, it’s cool but it is usually advised to avoid visiting China during the busiest week in the country; 1-7 October.

Required Documents to Apply for Visa


To apply for China tourist Visa from Dubai, you need your original passport with validity of at least 6 months and blank visa pages.

UAE Residence Visa

To prove your nationality and residence in Dubai for a certain time period, you need a copy of your residence visa with at least 6 months validity.


Invation from chinaYou need a No Objection Certificate from your company or organization which mentions your monthly and yearly salary.

A Passport Photo

You need a passport sized photograph to complete your application form for China tourist Visa from Dubai.

Invitation from China

If you’ve received an invitation from a person, company or organization in China, you need a copy of the invitation and inviters’ residence visa. This is not essential to apply for Visa, but having an invitation increase the probability of quick process.

Perfectly Filled Application Form

Visa application forms which you can find at the official website of the Chinese Visa Application Center must be appropriately filled. If you find any difficulty in the procedure, you must consult with professionals who can assist you not only with application completion but the whole visa process.

Round Trip Air Tickets

Copies of your tickets, hotel booking, and insurance also increase the likelihood of you getting the visa in the shortest time period.

If you find any difficulty in the procedure, find a travelling consultation company near you.