Fire Zone-Fountains & Waterfalls-in-DubaiFire Zone is specialized in landscape decoration and finery garden solutions. One of our business directions is fountains and waterfalls, performed as integrated design elements. We use natural and artificial stone as a construction material, supplemented by metal wrought elements. We are proud to partner with the best Dubai landscape design companies, reliable stone suppliers and masterful quarriers. Our professional team enjoys participation is ambitious and challenging projects of any complexity, size, shape and theme. We are ready to provide our typical styles or develop an exclusive sketch upon your request.

Fire Zone is responsible for the entire cycle of a fountain, a sculpture or a waterfall projection:

  • measurements and a design sketch development;
  • selection of the most suitable materials, according to a budget, landscape and weather conditions;
  • preparation works, related to an object foundation and a surrounding area;
  • construction works at an object or in our studio, depending on a project scope and functions;
  • installation of a ready item according to engineering and technical requirements;
  • provision of warranty and post-warranty service.


Additional services, provided by our quarriers include the development of stone architectural decor, furniture, ornaments, arches and minor accessories. Also, you can contact our wedding planners company which is our sister company in Dubai to provide clients the best competitive package.  The Fire Zone stone services guarantee refined and harmonized compositions, integrated into a general landscape concept and corresponding to customer preferences. Every project is calculated individually, please contact us for more details.