Fire Zone-Furniture & Accessories-in-Dubai

The price and content of the services

Not enough to get your hands on a ready design project of the interior, you will still need to find everything necessary for the realization of the project (in the right quantity, good quality and, preferably, at an attractive price).

  • Within the service selection of furniture and accessories we will undertake your efforts on search:
  • decorative finishing materials (Wallpaper, decorative plaster, flooring, tile, carpet, etc.);
  • furniture, built-in appliances, plumbing, climate and lighting equipment;
  • doors, partitions, windows, eaves;
  • accessories and decor for the interior.

In this case, all the options will be selected in strict accordance with the developed design project.


  • up to 60 m2 – 1300 AEDS;
  • 61-90 m2 – 1100 AEDS;
  • 91-130 m2 – 900 AEDS;
  • more than 110 m2 – 850 AEDS.

Rates are per 1 sq. m. of residential interiors, developed by FIRE ZONE; contact us for pricing selection of furniture and accessories for objects with a ready-made design or public (non-residential) premises.

The content of the services

  • Having a full idea of what exactly you need for your interior according to our own developed design project, our designer takes on a number of important functions:
  • searches and selection in the public sale of all “stuffing” of the interior (with the exception of rough materials: cement composites, crack fillers etc., and engineering materials communications and networks: pipes, splitters, etc.);
  • a comparative analysis of prices;
  • specifies the amount, terms and conditions of supply;
  • provides the customer with summary information about the names of products, stores its sufficient amount in stock and the price of it.

The greatest effect of the recruitment services you will receive if you order it together with our supervision (support).

  • In this case we will take a lot of extra work involved with the organization and maintenance of supplies, namely:
  • shipment terms and installation control of the purchased objects of interior;
  • contacts with suppliers for all matters arising in the course of delivery;
  • informing you on the status of fulfilment of obligations by suppliers;

How can you do savings?

Of course, you are completely free to choose where you will buy any of the suppliers we found, or anywhere else. Our quotations are designed to free you from the hassle of searching and are just informing character.

However, given the fact that a number of providers partnership offers discounts to customers of our Design Studio, you will be able to significantly save on the purchase. Thus, the order of services for the selection of furniture will be not a expense but a means of cash savings (not to mention the savings in time and effort).

The possibility of getting a discount and its amount depends on the provider and size of your order and if we can find you a suitable alternative partners, you will certainly list it among the other chosen.

We recommend that you also take our help in selecting a repair brigade is a free service that you certainly will appreciate.