Fire Zone-Grills-in-Dubai

Outdoor grills from Fire Zone are designed for creation of additional comfort at your country side house or a villa. It becomes a perfect solution for barbecue lovers, as well as cozy family evenings, parties and special occasions. We are ready to provide consultations on the most suitable type of a grill for your garden, adjust our ready-made solutions to the required size, combine a few materials in one project for the most stylish designs. Our barbecue kits may be also performed as extensive functional devices, which include elements of classic grills, ovens, decorative fireplaces and cooking surfaces. Enthusiastic projects can be supplemented by additional accessories and equipment, as smokeries, skewers and roasting jacks.

Accurate engineering account and qualitative construction works make the Fire Zone grills easy and pleasant to use, whether its coal or real wood, a barbecue unit will keep heat long enough to prepare a few meal courses. Our designers will also suggest various configurations of a grill, including workplaces, butchering tables, shelves, roasting ovens, hothouses and so on. Such a comprehensive construction allows to keep operating only an outside kitchen during a mild season.

Fire Zone is also specialized in installation of less extensive complexes and compact grills, as additions to gazebos, verandas or small yards. These solutions are especially suitable for city residents, who prefer to make country side barbecue from time to time. Please contact us for more details on pricing and terms.

It is a deep pan, a mobile device on legs with lid and removable grille. There are several types of this device, but in all models the food roasted on the fire. The grill can be stationary and portable. Fixed grill will be perfect for a big family or the company, as it has a large work surface. Portable grill may be of any shape and size, besides its no problem to take along for the ride.

Depending on the fuel, all the grills are divided into gas, electric and coal. There are also convection ovens. For cooking on the gas grill uses gas, which exits through the burner. Some models resemble a table on wheels, others come with a skewer. The main advantage of gas grills is their ease of use and quick.

Gas grill
Electric grills are convenient because they can be used in any weather and at any time of the year, but it is very important to have a number of outlet. For picnic lovers, of course, is not the best option. The grill may be ceramic glass or bars. A great advantage of ceramic grills is that there is minimum likelihood of charring of the products. But these grills should be protected from moisture.

Charcoal grill
Charcoal grill is the simplest and most common form. It is convenient to take along on a picnic. It consists of a container, which is filled with coal, and grates, and in some models the height is adjustable. The main advantage of convection ovens is their versatility: they can be used not only to fry a shish kebab, but also cook soup, warm Breakfast and not just another. You can even prepare diet food without using fat.

Electric grill
Note that the thinner the wall of the grill, the more complicated the cooking time will be and the less durable the device itself.