Fire Zone-Indoor Fireplaces-in-Dubai

A surprising fact: a civilized human race, which has created water supply, heating systems and warm floors, still widely uses fireplaces. Fire itself is a magnificent and mysterious component of an interior, which brings a viewer into a meditation condition, relaxes and comforts. Fire has been a symbol of hospitality and a family hearth for ages. And today a fireplace has turned from functional into a romantic interior item.

Fire Zone is specialized in indoor fireplaces, performed in various designs and interior styles, such as rustic, classic, country, classic, modern and hi-tech. Fireplaces, combining a few types of ovens are in high demand, as well as exclusive projects of knightly and palace-related styles. We are also ready to provide ready-made solutions, developed by our designers and successfully realized in a number of objects.

The Fire Zone selection of finishing materials, tiles and facing stone is greatly diversified. However, specifically natural materials have gained extensive popularity. For instance, marble and granite are commonly known as symbols of prosperity and prestige. Their unique patterns make every fireplace an original, distinctive family relic. A wide range of artificial stones from Fire zone also allow to refine your interior at affordable rates. Such imitation materials as flag stones, coquina and shingle perfectly combine with wooden balks, shelves and wrought elements. Dutch tiles and glossy mosaics are especially suitable for kitchens and dining rooms.

Fireplaces is not only a decorative element in the interior, but also the means by which the room always be warm, therefore rather important aspect is the drafting of the fireplace. Our specialists can prepare this project, to supply all necessary equipment and perform installation works.

Beautiful fireplaces give the house a unique atmosphere of coziness and warmth, and a large range of fireplaces models (modern, classic, etc.) and stoves will pick up any hearth.

Right now on our site you can see pictures of models you like, get acquainted with the specifications, and, if necessary, to obtain expert advice. The prices will surprise you.

We offer clients a full range of services for the purchase of a home. Selection of optimal furnace, materials for the manufacture of veneer – marble, ceramic, granite, stainless steel, glass, nonferrous metal, wood, MDF, fireclay, brick, wrought iron products. You can order the following services through our website:

  • Call our specialist: Online order departure of the expert on object;
  • Book a call: You can book a call, putting a convenient time for you;
  • Order the fireplace: the fireplace online ordering. Fireplaces for sale. You must specify the model and shipping address;

if you need something new: You can order the design of fireplaces: 3d design, cost estimates.