Fire Zone-Outdoor Fireplaces-in-Dubai

Outdoor fireplaces are the perfect solutions for a garden or backyard design. They diversify a common landscape line and often become the most favorite place for family members and guests. Another advantage of such a decorative item is its functionality. It can be a heating element during cool breezy evenings or used as a cooker for some sausages, marshmallows or toasts. It’s quick and easy to make a fire inside a special fireplace, constructed and installed by the Fire Zone engineers. A surprising fact is that natural stone fireplaces become even better looking over time, acquiring a rustic touch and a sun-faded pattern. A pleasant addition to the outdoor fireplaces characteristics is easy maintenance: just remove the coal after every ten uses. Non-rust base of a construction doesn’t need to be cleaned or polished.

The Fire Zone creative designers offer numerous modifications for outdoor fireplaces. Our ready-made solutions surprise with original performance and unordinary design. Among the most favorite options there are spheres, metal or stone basins, semi-spheres, round and sharp square shapes. Every fireplace can be supplemented by tables, matching chairs, stands, long skewers and decorative covers for rainy days. Our customers are also welcome to suggest their own designs or magazine pictures as a project basis. The Fire Zone professional team will assist with its adjustment to a required size, color and functional modification.

Many homeowners choose masonry and the type of fireplace in accordance with the style of residential buildings, although this is not required. The material is usually a brick, as it offers a more traditional stone facade, while at the same time it can be folded and made of natural stone or finished with plaster, which is also a popular option.

The size of the material must be commensurated with its surroundings. You need to decide whether you want the fireplace became the center of your yard, or served as a harmonious addition to the landscape composition and the structures.

Compare the size of a future fireplace with the proportions of the surrounding landscape. The fireplace should not completely overshadow the size of your home, or conversely, be "lost" against the background of the house or other structures. Wood burning fireplace has natural features - the crackling wood, the smell of smoke, and a traditional fireplace produces large amounts of smoke and therefore must have the pipe for maximum dissipation of the latter.

Nowadays it is not difficult to buy a ready-made fireplace or to a self-assembly kit, having a wide range of models, ranging from simple to complex with all the bells and whistles for a wide range of styles in accordance with your existing budget.

However, you can create your own design project of the outdoor fireplace and not to limit magination's framework.