Fire Zone-Ovens-in-Dubai

Today ovens and stoves are unordinary elements of an interior. Being rare functional items for culinary experiments or old-fashioned heating, they attract attention and become a heart of a house. The brightest examples of ovens, used for food preparation are Russian, tandoor and Italian pizza or focaccia cooker.

A Russian oven can be described as a classic fun—Ātional unit, which includes baking and steaming sections. However, its traditional extensive dimensions and an intensive heating function make it more suitable for outdoor usage. An adjusted to a kitchen size Russian oven is a perfect addition for a traditional electric or a gas cooker, which can be used at special events and occasions.

A tandoor oven is a traditional element of the Middle East culture. Its original round construction allows to accumulate a necessary amount of heat and support the needed level for a long period of time without additional supply. A classic eastern dish becomes a truly delicacy in such an original thematic masterpiece.

A Tuscan type Italian oven has a sharp spherical shape, developed especially for bread and pizza cooking. A nearly 400 degrees temperature allows to quickly prepare a crusty pizza base, flatbread or focaccia within just a minute.

Fire Zone is also experienced in multi-purpose complexes, which combine functions of ovens and fireplaces. Diversified options are available, including installation of electric or gas convectional cookers into stone ovens in order to provide a sustainable, convenient and modern operation system.

The advantages of wood-burning stoves:
  • All wood stoves have a high efficiency, due to the complex and sophisticated design of the furnace. The presence of convective convectors or pipes ensures quick and even heat distribution throughout the room;
  • The wood-burning oven have a relatively small weight and compact size. They do not require a separate foundation. Furnace is easy to install, and at the end of the summer season are easily removed from the house and transported to the storage location;
  • Our metal furnace is convenient and unpretentious in use. Selecting the model with the increased mode of continuous burning, it is possible to maintain the house heat up to 8 hours without having to throw the wood;
  • The heating of the cooking models of furnaces during heating to heat food. Fans of risotto will appreciate "stove", a stove top consists of removable cast-iron rings and cauldrons of different sizes;
  • Heating furnace the Matrix, and modifications of the furnaces "top model" cast iron door equipped with heat-resistant glass through which not only can control the burning process, but also to admire the play of fire.

You can buy FIRE ZONE metal heating furnace for cottage or private home at reasonable prices almost in any city of the Emirates and in the certain countries abroad, marked below.